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Training for the public is limited and typically consists of quarter horse types. Training is based on quality, not quantity. For that reason, training is limited to long-term projects where horses can be developed into well-rounded, versatile, hard-working partners that desire to please. Great training is a true investment in both time and money. 

Training at the facility consists of spending a large amount of time developing a strong work ethic in the horse. We use everyday things such as tying, trailering, working cattle, obstacles, and trails to build a solid foundation. Our slogan is: it will take as long as it takes. 

We strive to teach and train horses to become solid citizens that are well adjusted and think versus simply reacting to life. Often hours a day are spent developing a horse and not riding until after they sweat. Luke has developed the program over time and produced horses that are successful in multiple disciplines and enjoy human interaction. 

Owner updates occur frequently throughout the process. As things progress, owner participation is highly encouraged. Participation allows owners to learn what the horse has learned, along with the necessary commands. 

This unique program is a very effective method with numerous long-term benefits both for the horse and the rider.


There are two different horsemanship lesson options: At the facility or your site. 

The first lesson option is offered using your horse and utilizing our facility, arena, obstacle course, trails, and other benefits. 

The second lesson option is offered offsite. The availability of this lesson option is dependent on Luke’s travel schedule. This option can facilitate a group of riders with the intent of individual lessons helping people advance their horsemanship. The timing and lessons can be divided into 

The goal of either option is to help you achieve your goals by participating in the lesson and completing the associated homework. 

Contact us for information on rates on both options. Offsite rates are based on travel distance and length of time.
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