Luke first realized his passion for teaching at the age of eighteen when he began coaching his younger brothers’ Little League Team, which he continued doing for years. Later during his twelve-year Law Enforcement career, he became a certified Instructor, taught in academies, and in-service personnel training as well.  

No longer in Law Enforcement, Luke continues his lifelong passion for teaching not only people but also horses. Combining the two brings together his skillset and his passion.

Numerous clinic options are available and can be formatted to best fit your needs.   

Hosting a clinic is pretty easy, all that is required is an arena large enough to hold 10-12 horses, stalling options, and required items for the applicable clinic. All clinics can be combined or formatted to fit the desire of the host facility.
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Confidence Through Horsemanship

This two-day clinic is our most popular option. It begins with a meet and greet time for participants and Luke. Groundwork follows that with a focus on body control under saddle, riding with softness, and speed control. These tactics and principles are taught along with the reasoning behind them. This clinic is perfect for those looking for a plan on how to deal with their anxieties and how that transfers to horses.

Next Step

This two-day clinic is designed for riders that have been through the Confidence Through Horsemanship clinic or for the confident rider that is looking to progress deeper into their horsemanship and improve in softness and feel. This clinic incorporates lots of speed and body control seeking to put more tools in the rider’s “toolbox” and also digs deeper into horsemanship.

Advanced Clinic

Normally a two-day clinic, this option is great for the very confident riders that are looking to advance in their horsemanship and achieve new goals. We ride hard, putting in the work necessary for success. Participants will learn some advanced body control exercises and try new things for you and your horse. Only a limited number of these are offered.

Cattle Clinics

Usually a one-day clinic focusing on introducing a horse to cattle, learning how to improve your ability to read a cow, positioning and how that affects cattle movement. Participants will have a blast working as a team maneuvering, sorting, and working cows the way we do it on the ranch. The main offering is at our facility but can be held anywhere a host site has cattle and adequate fencing.

Obstacle Clinic/Trail

One or two-day options depending on facilities access to trails/ obstacles etc. Participants will learn Luke’s approach to obstacles and the relation to trail riding.  Confidently set your horse up for success by learning his successful philosophy and mindset of using obstacles as opportunities to build your horse’s confidence. At our facility, we use our one-of-a-kind obstacle course and its varying level bridges, teeter-totter, pond, log jumbles, uneven ground, etc. as a basis to that end.