The mission of Horizon Ranch and Equestrian Center is to assist in people achieving their goals by promoting solid horsemanship, which stems from an understanding of how horses think. Encouraging people toward a better understanding of horses, themselves, and others are the main desires. The goal is to keep the main things a priority – God, family, life together, training horses, raising cattle, and helping people.

We desire to encourage people in their life as they ride nice horses and enjoy the freedoms provided by that lifestyle.

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Luke and Tiffany met in 2002, married the next summer and life together began. Two years later we entered into the horse business with Tiffany’s father. Property was purchased in the hills of Steuben County in rural New York State on a little dirt road. The property consisted of an unfinished log home shell surrounded by 80 acres of overgrown farm fields. A ten stall barn was built along with fences and then the horses were brought in as the house was completed. During this time our first son was born all while Luke was working a full time job with the Steuben County Sherriff’s Office and building the Ranch with Tiffany’s Father (Jeff).

A big change was coming; Christmas Eve 2009 Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The following September, Jeff passed away, Luke’s life mentor, Tiffany’s father, and the kids grandpa was gone. Jeff would have wanted us to keep pushing forward so after resetting the business continued being built as there were horses to train and dreams to fulfill.

They now have four children, Chase, Cody, Annaliese and Hailey. The whole family enjoys horses in different ways but together they are enjoyed to trail ride, on the family designed and constructed obstacle course and to run their small Angus herd of cattle. Vaccinations, castrations and any other doctoring is done using horses, where all learn the value of hard work.

Although Luke still trains a limited amount of outside horses, a business that we hope to further bring the kids into, we mostly focus now on clinics. Luke travels extensively to help encourage others in their horsemanship journey and also in life.