Our all-natural, humanely raised, hormone-free beef is available for purchase by the whole, half, or quarter. We focus on quality over quantity and have a limited amount. All meat is processed at an FDA inspected facility.

Horizon Beef understands that knowing where your food comes from is an integral part of providing the finest quality food for your family. Our family is focused on raising and caring for our cattle for your family. We have a predominantly Angus herd that is quite spoiled and spends their days on lush green pastures or eating quality forage that we produce.

Finished Beef: Our finished beef is raised on quality pasture and forage, and finished on a limited amount of locally grown corn and oats to optimize flavor. We aim for a finished product that has the marbling needed for flavor while combining leanness for health.

The process: We advertise available beef on Facebook or beef can be reserved by contacting us. Once reserved an approximate date of butchering will be provided. Pick up from our facility will be available approximately two and a half weeks later. When the beef goes to the butcher’s you will be contacted by us with a tag number and the butcher’s information. You will be responsible for contacting the butcher to give them your cutting instructions to your liking. If you have never done this before they will walk you through the different options and answer any questions you may have. We will then contact you with a pickup time.

Pricing: Our beef is priced per pound hanging weight.

What this means: Hanging weight is roughly 60% of the live weight and you will take home roughly 60% of the hanging weight as packaged beef with your choice of cuts. Our price includes basic processing, (having pre-made hamburger patties, meat sticks, etc. is extra) and is added to your overall bill. For current pricing please contact us.