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 The reason I love working with horses so much is because they never lie to us.  Horses always tell us what they are thinking and it is my desire to communicate to them in ways that they will not only understand but also will flourish through.  Horses are not programmable, they are always learning.  That being said I not only stress the importance of giving every horse a great foundation but also how important it is for the horsemen to learn to adapt and read what the horse is trying to tell them in order to be able to see potential problems and work through them in the future.  Its like the Chinese proverb reminds us “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”  -Luke

Here is what we specialize in:

Colt Starting-We specialize in starting young stock type horses, we limit the number of horses in for training to produce quality over quantity. Colts are worked five days a week.  We ride colts not only in the arena but also believe in the importance of putting lots of outside miles on a young horse as we develop body and speed control to set the foundation for horses to excel in any discipline.  Colts are ridden on obstacles and are exposed to cattle.  

Sale prep-If you are looking to sell your horse we can help make sure the horse is ready for their new home and can offer assistance selling.

Tune up-We can help you get your horse ready for show and/or trail season.

Problem horses-Trailer loading, body control problems and respect issues just to name a few.

Coming in 2018 we are in the process of constructing an obstacle course complete with elevated and  a suspension bridge, Water pits, teeter-totter and many natural type obstacles as well just to name a few

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